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Flat Roofing Contractors in South Jersey

We provide residential flat roofing and low slope roofing for South Jersey homeowners, including EPDM, TPO, BUR, Modified Bitumen, even roof coatings.

Flat Roofing Contractors in South Jersey | Arias Improvements, LLC

Benefits of Flat Roofing in South Jersey

The materials used for flat roofing in South Jersey tend to be cheaper than those used for traditional sloped roofing. Installation is generally quicker, less risky, and may require less labor. Flat roofs also require less maintenance and repairs, and repairs and inspections are typically easier to do. For all these reasons, flat roofing is more economical than regular sloped roofing.

Flat roofs also have the unique benefit of being able to accommodate additional usable space. Imaging being able to use the roof of your South Jersey home as a lounge, patio, or even a small garden!

The downside of flat roofs is that water can pool more easily than it can with sloped roofing, debris such as leaves and branches can pile up more quickly, and flat roofs can be slightly less insulated than sloped roofing.

As with any type of roof, how long a flat roof lasts and how well it protects your home depends on the expertise of the installer. With two decades of experience in installing, replacing and repairing flat roofs in South Jersey, Arias Improvements, LLC is the roofing company to contact when you're looking to get a new flat roof, replace your existing flat roof, or need a flat roof repair.

There are several types of materials used for flat roofing on South Jersey homes. These are the most popular:


EPDM roofing is a very durable rubber-like material (often called "rubber roofing") that's used for flat roofing in South Jersey, as well as traditional sloped applications, to mimic the look of regular shingles. EPDM used for flat roofing in South Jersey is flexible, which makes it great for resisting leaks.

Flat Roofing Contractors in South Jersey | Arias Improvements, LLC

TPO Roofing

TPO roofing is a type of "single-ply membrane roofing" that comes in rolls. Its light color reflects the sun to help keep South Jersey homes cooler in the summer. TPO is very flexible and can expand and contract with building settling and temperature shifts. It's also quite resistant to dirt and mold, as well as punctures.

BUR Roofing

BUR Roofing ("Built-Up Roof" membrane), the cheapest of the 4 most common flat roofing materials, has a proven 100 year track record of being a reliable, durable, long-lasting option for flat roofs in South Jersey. A BUR roof can last up to 25 years as long as it's installed and maintained properly.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen Roofing (also called Torch Down Roofing) is an improvement over BUR roofing that makes installation easier. Additives make it stronger, more flexible, and more heat resistant than BUR Roofing.

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If you're looking for an economical roofing option that works with the unique structure of your home, consider flat roofing to give your home a distinctive look without breaking the bank. See why Arias Improvements is the best South Jersey roofing contractor for flat roofing work, and call us at 856-305-3812 if you're interested in a flat roof for your South Jersey home.

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